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    Have you noticed any unhealthy eating habits when you are hungry or feeling stressed?

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    Are you sitting too long at work or having little time for fitness?

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    changing habits

    Behavioral changes can prevent or delay occurance of diabetes and other diseases.

Coach Orange

The Chatting AI
Health Coach

Coach Orange is the AI health coach who helps you achieve personalized fitness goals to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Try chatting with me to log food and exercises like no other! I will motivate you in the special way I learned!

I will also collabrate with humans to give you a support community you want!
(In training with humans, 20% completed...)


Talking AI Agent

Our AI powered chatbot can talk or chat with you like a professional health coach. We know changing lifestyle and behavior is challenging, thus we are here to provide every necessary support 24/7, no break.


Healthy Lifestyle

We help you eat healthier and be more active every day through small goals and tasks, from basic nutrition knowledges to personalized healthy diet plans, from activity time counting to smart schedueling of exercise plans.


Human Touch

Emotional support is huge for the long journey of habit change. We help you connect with health professionals and peers with similar backgrounds to encourage and support you from within and beyond.

Who We Are

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Inexus Health is building an AI powered behavioral therapy platform for fitness, and preventing diabetes and other chronic diseases. We have teams dedicated to developing this revolutionary approach for users in the U.S. and worldwide.

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  • Made with in California

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